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Caroline Angelard

Hello! I am Caroline Angelard, a french woman who loves cooking, science and her dog Chimay.

I love going to good restaurants. I am more the kind of person who likes to have 6 different dishes in small quantities, but each tasting amazing, rather than one big, full plate of something. And I love wine! Red wine! My favorites are Bordeaux, but I tried recently to expand my taste with different sorts of wine - even from different countries than France - yes, I am crazy like that.

Caroline Angelard

I always wanted a dog. My grandparents and my father had Beaucerons, and I really loved those dogs. So I decided that when the time will come to have a dog, it will be a Beauceron... and I just got Chimay, a beautiful, clever, stubborn Beauceron!

Caroline Angelard

I am also a scientist. I first studied biology in France, then completed my PhD in Switzerland, followed by two years of postdoc in Bloomington, Indiana (US), and two years back in Switzerland. I have a blog about science too: http://www.become-a-scientist.com. I am currently taking a break with research, and I decided to jump into the other side! I then worked at Frontiers as Editorial Assistant. Frontiers is a scientific publisher that promotes open access of research and a brand new system of peer review (http://www.frontiersin.org).

Caroline Angelard


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